Unfortunately, in the North American church, discipleship is typically seen as an educational process designed to orient new believers to the biblical and everyday practices of our churches – thus we tend not to use this word and prefer the concept of disciple making.

Someone who is committed to knowing the character of the Father, walking in the ways of the Son, and listening to the voice of the Spirit.

Intentional relationships focused on helping people know the character of the Father, walk in the ways of the Son, and listen to the voice of the Spirit.

A disciple of Jesus who enters into relationships with people to intentionally help them know the character of the Father, walk in the ways of the Son, and listen to the voice of the Spirit.

A spiritual family growing in surrendered obedience to all the teachings of Jesus Christ who gather together regularly under Biblically recognized leadership for the purpose of fulfilling the mandate (Great Commandment) and mission (Great Commission) of God. 

The beliefs, habits, and narrative of a church constantly repeated with congruence and intentionality, that make it clear to almost everyone, all the time, including newcomers, that disciple making is what everyone does in this church.

Is a church where disciple making is the core DNA and culture of the church, where the average church member makes disciples to the fourth generation and this disciple making activity is regularly produced in significant and diverse streams within the church and these streams multiply consistently into new churches.

A disciple making movement exists when churches plant multiple churches (within a few short years), through gospel activity, that has abundant fruit among the lost, that multiplies these disciples (people growing in obedience to all of Jesus’ commands), who in turn replicate themselves in others, so that we can see at least four generations regularly produced in multiple streams of disciple making activity and these streams multiply consistently into churches.

God’s Kingdom has come through Jesus of Nazareth. Born fully man and fully God, He is Christ, the King, God’s one and only Son. He lived a sinless life yet was condemned to die on a cross for our sins, was buried, and was resurrected on the third day according to the Scriptures. His death satisfied God’s just wrath towards humanity’s sins. In accordance with His sovereign will, His great love, and His pure holiness, God has chosen to save all who repent of their sins, by faith believe in this true gospel, and follow Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. And when King Jesus returns on the last day, the great Day of Judgment, everyone who followed Him will enter the eternal Kingdom of God.