Currently, we do not financially support a specific ministry to our country except through our denomination. In the days ahead, we are exploring a few options that will allow us to expand in this area.

  1. The EPC – Our denomination stresses a concept called connectionalism. It is the understanding that all of our churches are connected to one another. A part of our regular yearly budget is sent to support the ministry work of the EPC at a national and international level and another part is sent to support the ministry work of the EPC at a regional level which we call Presbytery. At both levels, through this giving, we support missionaries and church planters both here in the United States and around the world.

In addition to supporting missionaries through our denomination as a whole, FHPC supports two missionary families.

  1. Tim North – is with World Outreach and serves those in the Middle East.
  2. Jonathan & Fozia -are with World Outreach and served others for over 20 years. Currently they are ministering in Asia.